Darlings - I'm so glad to be back in touch. I have been so swamped over the summer covering the NASCAR races for my fabulously popular Gaytona.com, working to help the progressive and engaging Howard Dean save us from the miserable policies of Devil-Head Bush, traveling, and partying by the pool - that I've scarcely had time for anything else. Thank goodness the gardeners at Periwinkle are so conscientious. Aren't the grounds more beautiful than ever this year!

I am so anxious to tell you all the news, I'll just start right now.

Please enjoy your stay at my Virtual Estate and make yourself totally at home.

Betty Jack Devine

I don't think the flowers have ever been so gorgeous


She's Back and She's Bad

DeAundra Peek is returning to the stage in a special live concert appearance with HAIRNET. It's been way too long since the teen sensation has made a personal appearance, but the quarantine has finally been lifted, and Nurse MacWorld informs me that DeAundra was never infected and is not contagious all. But her singing is, and I hope to see you with your loved ones at the show.

Click Here for the press release and a map to the show.


First I like to commend Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, our Fabulous Pop Tarts and so much more, for the successful debut of their first major motion picture Party Monster. I'm sure by now you've read all about it; and, if you've seen it, I hope you'll let me know what you think. As for me, and putting it delicately, there's such an overabundance of "urination" in the film I must wait to watch it on DVD so I can skip through all of that. But I guess that was necessary to underscore the horrifying tragedies that ensued. Congratulations you cutie pies, and I bet you'll be up for some Oscars next year!

To see the Club Kids in real life morphing into party monsters, click here for a special video exhibit on The Nelson Sullivan Channel

Randy Barato and Fenton Bailey, photograph by Paula Gately Tillman

Viva Las Vegas and hide your handsome sons

Delicious diva Joey Arias is riding the wave of adult entertainment out to Las Vegas. Having learned that family values don't pay off, casino hotel New York New York commissioned Cirque de Soleil to produce an erotic extravaganza Zumanity. The costumes are designed by Theirry Mugler and are the most expensive Cirque has ever done. In Zumanity, Joey is "the slut walking home at 8am from the trick's house with half of my lipstick missing." I wonder what he does after the show? Oh come on, I know you know. It's every boy in sight.


When MAC decided to open its grand new store in Harlem, right across the street from the Apollo Theater, it was "word" for Integra as she transferred immediately out of our Atlanta MAC to join that staff and make it glow. She must be, for we've not heard a word from her since. If you're shopping at the Harlem Mac anytime soon, please shout out for Integra and give her a big player's hug from Betty Jack.

Integra's Mac in Harlem


DJ Tennessee's weekly party with Sweetie is done. Tennessee is now spinning at Therapy.

Click Here for the 411.


I have heard so often, haven't you, that "Lady Bunny is such an ancient legend she should be preserved in a museum".

Well, at last she is - at Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in St. Augustine, Florida, in the Living Curiosities Section.

Here's an actual picture to authenticate that. It includes Dixie's daughter Dixie Sue and was taken during one of Dixie's Home School Field Trips.


Recently, I drove Dick Richards and myself in my Park Avenue to half way between Atlanta and Venice FL to meet ARGE at a Howard Johnson's near the Russell Stover Candy Outlet that he loves so much. I wish I could say ARGE is living like a woman now, but the reality is he just sometimes dresses that way because his other clothes are very dirty. There's a lovely all-you-care-to-eat buffet at that Howard Johnson's on Thursdays and Dick got us one of the Little Tar Baby Shortcakes it features as a speciality dessert. As you can see, Dick got more-than-a-little embarrassed when ARGE announced the dessert's arrival over the loudspeaker in his usual sarcastic way.

Click here to view some of the other fabulous outfits ARGE wears in Florida.


Not only is she one of Georgia's top Home School teachers, she's also becoming one of the most famous tops or bottoms in America's Pornography Industry. Her newest film will be out soon, and I've got some exciting preview pictures you can't see anywhere else.

Click Here to see EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHS from the film Dixie Does Downtown.

Start picking out your present now

DJ Tiny Tears has one hot beau. Will they be registering at Crate and Barrel soon. Only time will tell.

The Fabulous Rosser broke out in a doublewide grin when he found out Fred Schneider is a big fan of DeAundra Peek, whom Rosser absolutely adores too. Rosser is unstoppable when it comes to brilliant ideas and the latest one is HAIRNET.

Click here to see the invite for the next HAIRNET HAPPENING. You'll definitely want to go.

Fred Schneider and The Fabulous Rosser


Dashing television producer Robbie Coddington traveled from Chicago to New York recently to premiere his new program of Nelson Sullvian's videos at the HOWL Festival in the East Village. The production is entitled Nelson Sullivan's Legends of New York and features a fascinating mix of characters from past Wigstocks and the Pyramid Club as well as images of the flavor of the Lower East Side during the 1980's.

Click Here to Watch a clip from this remarkable collection of videos, available soon on DVD.

Above: Robbie and buddy Erick Kozial at the screening of Robbie's new production. Below: Robbie gives a short lecture about Nelson Sullivan's video art to packed-out house.


I am pleased to inform that the hand chair seems to be doing fine . Having been put in so many stressful situations while in Atlanta during that conflamma before being rescued by The American Music Show, the hand chair is now being put in more pleasant situations to be recompensed. The hand chair seems quite pleased to have been put near the pool. It seems so happy there.


In my previous report I told you about Jayne County's sudden decision to retire from show business in order to return to Georgia to live on her parents' - Lord and Lady County's - country estate. Suddenly, that's all changed as Jayne has demurred to the pleas of her throngs of fans and is continuing her famously infamous career. In fact, she has a new album about to be released entitled So New York and that's a picture of the cover on the right. The photograph is by ewalt and that little bend in it happened during transit through the US Mail.
Now, what about some diversions out of the ordinary:


    Betty Jack's NASCAR and Bridge Party with Bootsy Ramsbottom as my partner and Michael Malone scoring, we'll show you how to have so much fun.
    Betty Jack's Signature Report Interview with Dorian Corey. Dorian is the star of Paris Is Burning and in this segment, she teaches me the dance they invented - the "Vogue"
    Betty Jack's Signature Report Interview with RuPaul. The world's most famous drag diva shares her world of glamor in one of her most fabulous interviews to date.
    Betty Jack's Salute to Angie Bowie. Angie along with her husband David Bowie introduced a new dimension to drag in the 1970's with such an impact that it continues on today . In this video I get to personally thank her.
    Those old broads: Brittany, Betty Jack and Dixie at The Metro
    Click here to watch Brittany Fairchild and her pals doing The Shoop Shoop song.
    DIXIE RICHARDSON'S MODELLING VIDEO - Dixie 's career in modelling is "taking off". Get a load on this classic, produced and directed by ARGE.

ARGE's Polaroids of the club scene are so missed in The ATL. Reminisce and get it going with 2 new video segments from ARGE's Polaroid Collection featuring the music of Angela Bowie available for Quicktime viewing right now.

Click here for ARGE's Polaroid's on Video

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