I only recently found out what "links" actually are and now I'm already collecting some. These are the ones I frequently use that you might like, and if you have some useful links that you think either my readers or I would like, please e-mail them to me at bettyjack@aol.com. Thanks so much. Love, Betty Jack Devine

Want your own dotcom but don't know where to start. Try the friendly web hosting service that powers my own bettyjack.com. PROHOSTING. Their low monthly rate will surprise you.

My favorite new search engine that finds what I want faster than Trina Saxxon can gobble-up a Twinkie is google.com.

I'm a longtime patron of the opera and enjoy it so much. For behind-the-scenes information and opera gossip too, try Parterre Box.

I love New York City and a great way to find out what's going on with that wild Downtown Scene is by checking out MotherNYC

If you have MediaOne as your cable provider, I recommend using their internet television listings called SearchTV.

Some of my best pals have their very own web sites too - like Mouth of the South Peg and talented writer Andrew Alexander.

My web page was easy to create because of PageSpinner, the web page maker for the fabulous Macintosh

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