I'm sure you're as fond of Tammy Sue Bakker as am I. After the fall of PTL wrecked her career as a teenage gospel singing sensation, she ran off to live in a trailer with her new husband David Chapman. In a recent interview, she revealed how the supermarket tabloids had shown very unflattering photos of her trailer home looking "dilapitated," but failed to mention that Hurricane Hugo had come through and blown out the trailer's underpinning! Of course, if you have ever lived in a trailer home, you know that underpinning is a very important status symbol, and to have your home photographed while it's underpinning is askew would be most embarassing! That's the lying media for you. Tammy Sue said it was "a miracle of the Lord" that her trailer even survived, as a tornado went right by.

Below is the beautiful drawing Arge has rendered of the Hand of Providence intervening to protect Tammy Sue's trailer.