All during the holidays I was invited to some spectacular parties with some of my favorite stars. Here are some of Arge's documented Polaroid memories of what we did - and lucky he did too because with so many generous libations, who can remember it all!
Richard Bicknell's concert at Smith's Olde Bar featured a special guest performance by DeAundra Peek. Here are those 2 darlings together.
Diamond Lil, all tarted up in her Halston, was among the sparkling celebrity attendees at Richard's concert.
At Talitha Mallory's Birthday Booty Bump, who was there but Big Earl (center) along with Antney and Barf
Pimp you foxboys, pimp!
Shake That Booty!
Back that thing up Barf
Now, of course, everybody's doing Family Game Night. Here's one of my SUPER SWEET Yahtzee pals, Hot "Russ" Haynie