As you can see, Arge, Dixie and I lived the dream this King Day
Welcome, friends to my constantly revolving and improving estate on the WWW! As I am now retired from my column in eclipse magazine, I want you to get used to stopping by my place here all the time. And tell all your roll-dogs and play-mamas and baby-boys to come see me, too! Now I'm going to be working for socialism 100% of the time, and doing my socializing the other 100% of the time! Honey, we'll have a ball! I'm going to slide you up on the best of the best--the best parties, the cutest kids, the tipsiest gossip, and everything we love about the good life at the Top of the T. Dixie Richardson and I have already been showing out around the town in places like the elegant swingers' club shown above!

By the way, isn't this picture of Arge and Dixie Richardson really cute? It was taken several Christmases ago when Arge took Dixie to Disneyland when Dixie was just a little girl. I'm keeping it here a little while longer because they are just so cute, aren't they!!

Do Pre-Plan for This!!!
I'm thrilled to report that New York's trend-setting Gavin Brown Enterprise has scheduled a big exhibit of the critically acclaimed video chronicles of the late Nelson Sullivan. The show is co-curated by my darling Dick Richards and by famous editor/writer Steve Lafreniere. The exhibit will run from Feb 2 throught Feb. 23 and open with a gala premiere on Feb. 2, 2001. If you'll be in the greater New York area that Groundhog Day Friday night, please let me know and I"ll have an invitation rushed to you. This should be a spectacular night in old New York! Plan now to be there with me.

This Superbowl Sunday, please remember America's Battered Wives
Every Superbowl Sunday, battered wives are even more battered than ever. I would like to suggest to any person who suffers from domestic violence, why not try one of the many relationships that do not include bodily harm.

And now for something completely different!
My handsome Chicago compatriot Robbie Coddington (he's the hunky boy in the picture) has another fabulous musical ensemble GLEAM ENGINE. Modern gentleman that he is, he has provided me with some complimetary copies of their new CD to give away and one could be just for you. If you'd like to receive one, please e-mail me at bettyjack@aol.com and include your proper land address complete with zip code, and I'll have my secretary get one right out to you. Better write right now though, as I only have a few to give away and they will be gone soon.
For more impressive info about GLEAM ENGINE, visit its website at www.gleamengine.com - it's totally cool and involving and please let them know that Betty Jack Devine gave you the tip that led you over to that.

I must run now to get ready for my trip to New York City for the Nelson Sullivan Exhibition where Dixie and I plan to do some wild things and and get all up in there with our party pal DJ Tennessee. Until next time, play safe, be sweet, and be particular! I'll be looking for y'all at every party!


Betty Jack DeVine

photo of "The Wild Thangs" by Michael Malone

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