I'VE GOTTEN SOME NEW SURPRISES! Everyday, before I look at my e-mails, I wonder - what kind of crazy thing has someone sent to surprise me. I get some wild stuff, you know that's right,and I love it! So, I have added this new page to share my surprises with you.

This is the famous actor John M - you might have seen the recent movie about being him. This picture was sent to me by Randy Wilder as an example of the high end make-up art he is producing for major magazines. You have beat him out just right girl! Beat him out just right!

Please Allow Time for this Animated Gif to Load

This I received from Peg's publicist Mikey; but Mikey, I bet your butt is a whole lot cuter!

This came to me all the way from Japan and was sent by my friend Keita who is a salaried employee of a major American company's Tokyo division. Can you believe it, he got this through his interoffice mail.

You can surprise me too as I'm always up for something new! E-mail Betty Jack at bettyjack@aol.com and I'll be delighted to hear from you! Love, Betty Jack Devine