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Darlings! I am still all-a-titter with excitement from my surprise visit from RuPaul just a few weeks ago! Please! Make yourself at home and let me tell you about it!

It all began one Saturday morning in January as I was quietly enjoying the morning at my Atlanta mansion Periwinkle and recovering from my fabulous night before at a Mexican Fiesta in the home of Atlanta architect and bon vivant Craig Dixon held to celebrate his 30th birthday. You can see from these photos some of the wonderful refreshments Craig served as well as some of the shenanigans that went on.

(For more pictures of the event, taken by ARGE of course, Click Here)

RuPaul, as you all know by now, is involved with the internet industry, as am I but in a really huge way. He was in Atlanta just for the day to entertain and emcee that night for the E-Trade Company party at the Egyptian Ballroom in the Fabulous Fox Theatre. RuPaul had been working hard on a television commercial to be shown on the Super Bowl broadcast the very next week and knowing that I never watch ball of any kind on television, came over to Periwinkle to show an advance copy of the commercial especially to me. (He is definitely the kindest and most considerate person in show business I truly think.) The commercial was so brilliant and funny and we would show it here if the staff could figure out the thing they call "streaming video", but until that happens, I've got a picture of the billboard campaign that Webex sent to me.

When RuPaul saw that I had been given a copy of Francois Nars new X Ray Book by those extremely adorable Wilder Twins, Ronnie and Randy, and Randy's hottie boyfriend Chris Tate - he had to look at it, as he is one of the many fabulous persons photographed so beautifully within. RuPaul had only seen the book so far in a bookstore but was in a rush and hadn't had a chance to pick up one of his own. I love mine!

Isn't RuPaul cute! He had shaved off his eyebrows because he was "doing that drag thing" that night . He was to grow them back next because he was "being a boy" in a made-for-Lifetime movie he will be doing with Stockard Channing soon! Either way he's the Top of the Tee to me and all your adoring fans RuPaul. Atlanta really lights up a fatty whenever you're in town!
Woo Wooo You break down way bad self super woo woo All of the photographs of RuPaul at Periwinkle were taken by DJ Tennessee

I know you've seen it, but RuPaul hadn't

RuPaul had heard about, but not been able to see this Snickers wrapper with a question about him. He could not believe how mainstream he actually is and was just amazed to look at it. Of course I could not give it to him as it is mine and was a present. But RuPaul, you can look at it anytime you stop by to visit me. You're welcome 24/7! For those of you who have not seen this before, this wrapper was sent to me by my super friend Max from South Crazyland who got it from his nephew. Have you guessed the answer to the question? If you want to know the answer, it's selection "D" nothing happens to him/her, and I'm quoting from the candy wrapper now. " Nothing would happen to Miss RuPaul. In soccer, the goalkeeper has to wear different colors to distinguish himself, or herself, from the other players and the referee. Thank goodness there are sports left where a girl can be herself." And thank goodness there is a progressive candy company like Mars - where a queen can be a queen! )

That's my Signature Report for now. I hope you've enjoyed it. Love, Betty Jack

P.S. May I recommend this exhibition I'm co-sponsoring

RuPaul: From Hot Boy To Star Booty Photography Exhibit

See RuPaul on Video at

RuPaul makes THE BEST movies. Now you can watch her in action as Starbooty in Starbooty III at the new Funtone USA Television Network on the Fun Movie Channel. Tune it in - it's free!.
So much fun to look at

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