Hello Darlings

Long time, no see! Well, it's my fault really. Looking for every distraction with the whole world such a mess and rational discussion shutdown - I've been away in Daytona working on my fabulous new resort GAYTONA.
Please, before you do anything else, take a sneek peek and let me know what you think.
And if the social scene can manage a comeback (let's hope so), I'll be looking for you at every party.
Betty Jack Devine

Gateway to GAYTONA.COM

There's Dixie relaxing after one of DeAundra's show's at The Pit Stop Cafe. She does so much for a stay-at-home mom, don't you think.
You know what! Dixe also made her New York stage debut at Lady Bunny's gala grand finale Wigstock 2001 event in New York City, September 2, 2001.
She's put together an informative pictorial of her adventure as DeAundra Peek's backup dancer.
What fun they had as you will see!

Lurleen's friend, Lurleen, DeAundra, Dixie, Linda
DeAundra and I got off to a whirlwind start at Wigstock 2001. Just as we arrived backstage, who did we meet but Lurleen Wallis and her girlfriend and My Comrade's creator Linda Simpson. What a thrill!

That's just the beginning of our fabulous Wigstock experience. See the rest of the story by clicking on the Wigstock logo below.

Love, Dixie

See what happened when
DeAundra and Dixie went to


Since you're in the 'hood, stop by and see my internet partner Angie Bowie at


She's got lots of new for 2002



Date: 8 Jan 2002 03:03:29 -0000 Subject: tammy sue trailer Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by richard boggs () on Monday, January 7, 2002 at 20:03:29 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- comments: i am a personal friend of tammy sue bakker's....wish you would up date your website...for the reason that tammy sue bakker doesnt live in a trailer. hasn't in several years...and the picture that the newspapers chose to show of her trailer was after it was beaten up by hurrican hugo....if that tells you of how long it was since that story was accurate!....

Richard, you are so lucky to have such a nice friend as Tammy Sue. Her talent and beauty I have admired since she was a small child and I have many of her television performances on tape and am especially fond of the shows she did at the Waterpark at Heritage USA. Please tell her next time you see her that everybody wants her back on the scene doing some concerts and such. Tammy Sue, don't keep hiding your talents under that bushel any longer! !

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Please let me know what's up. Will you be watching NASCAR? Do you like a Lincoln Towncar or a Buick Park Avenue best? Keep in touch; I love so much to hear from you!

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