Thanks you so much Roger Warren for arranging this wonderful Throwdown at the Metro where everyone had a riotious good time - especially Brittany, Dixie and me!

Thanks Metro
These Polaroids from the Throwdown were taken by ARGE. Thanks Darling!
Polarods by ARGE

The audience responded so warmly to our performances - even the Big Foot Contest that we had to have because the local authorities are so repressive as to actually forbid a Big Dick Contest, like Dixie suggested, here in the ATL. Brittany graciously assisted us with the measuring.

So many out-of-towners were there for the festivities! Among them, adorable Ronnie Wilder from Chicagoland and our special guest deejay for the evening, New York's one-and-only DJ Tennessee
Some of our favorite in-towners were there as well. Dixie and I just had to have individaul portraits done with Sox and Todd; and Rosser came, and Janet came, and Crash came too!

That's Dixie, looking gorgeous, with her beauty operator Cherrell. Cherrell works at the Beauty Box in Palmetto. "It's a long drive all the way from Dunwoody to Palmetto to go to the beauty parlor," says Dixie, "but I think it's worth it for the good work they do, and it's $5.00 cheaper."

Here are some of those little Polaroids ARGE does so love to take!
Hey cute Dave!

Afterwards, people went Absolut-ly wild!

Zteven formed a new relationship with Brittany
and Dixie's ready for all that action

For what happened during our return engagement at The Metro the following night for a special guest appearance on Peg's television show, check out Mouth of The South Live.

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