I received this in the mail and don't know what to think!

Dear Ms. Devine

The enclosed photo was taken just a few nights ago at the Thunderbird Motor Court Off Old Moreland Road. It shows young miss Dixie Richardson in a rather compromising position with (name withheld because of potential litigation) but of course you recognize them anyhow. A source who wished to remain anonymous confirms they'd purchased a "pay per view' adult oriented film from what I'm told is a service this establishment offers called "Spice Channel"'

Ms Devine, I know how upsetting such a tawdry image must be to a fine and upstanding pillar of our community such as yourself. It also creates great sorrow in my heart to know the awful and faith testing amounts of pain this will bring to (name withheld because of potential litigation). But the truth is MISS DIXIE RICHARDSON MUST BE STOPPED!

That is why I've come to you with this information. it is hardly a secret you travel amongst the kind of circles in this town where such a delicate situation can be handled in the ways it must be - swiftly, discreetly and permanently.

This town and its good citizens have been torn apart too many times already by Miss Richardson's unquenchable blood lust for media attention. Her shocking lack of concern for anyone but herself has already resulted in so much heartache and pain while with each new escapade her deviant actions just keep setting the bar lower and lower while the body count of ruined lives and soiled reputations grows even higher - AND NOW THIS!

I shudder to imagine what she is planning and can only predict based on the countless examples she has displayed in the past that it will be only a short time before she (withheld because of potential litigation).

Please, Ms. Devine, you are our town's only hope.


A Concerned Citizen

If you have any information on this scandal or any other juicy tidbits we'd love to know, please hit me with an "e"