Look at all the fun we're having!

Polaroids courtesy of ARGE

Reunited: Peg and Velma
We do! We do!

Dame Turtle is not Dame Edna's great-grand-goddaughter, but she well could be with her powerful elegance and charm; and powerful Dame Turtle must be to get Velma Clusters out of the casino and onto the stage for a special concert appearance. Bravo Dame Turtle and your talented cast for such a wonderful show at The Metro!

Peg and Velma sing "Bosom Buddies" from Mame
Dame Turtle and her fabulous cast

Those handsome lads Jeffrey and Andrew have moved to Japan for a year to teach English in Hiroshimo there. Andrew sent me this picture of Jeffrey with some of his scholars - aren't they are all so cute!

Col. Lonnie Fain and occasional flame Ryanne Cannon
Ryanne likes to get it often from Trade.

900 number poster hunk Trade is now a certified masseur: he received his education at a certified center in Augusta, GA. Trade said originally he didn't want to be a masseur because he thought everyone would think that a cover for being a hustler but now that everybody already thinks he's a hustler, that doesn't matter anymore. Good luck with your new career Trade!

Ryanne with Evelyn Mims, Trade and "put some weight on it" evangelist Sister Belladonna

Thank you ARGE for sharing your Polaroid artistry.
Congratulations to Janet Loolie and Sue Pie on their "new arrival" Solara.