At the very beginning of the summer, Peg invited me to be on her television show Mouth of the South Live which is taped every Monday night at Atlanta's talk of the town, The Metro.

Big Daddy made a special trip to see me there that night and that made the evening even more exciting.
Trina Saxxon was just adorable that night and she interviewed me. The other guest was Gilda Golden, a former Atlanta superstar who has moved away to sunny Florida. Peg gave her a gala homecoming and afterwards Glida and I slipped off to the loo for a little girl talk. (Polaroids by ARGE, photo of Gilda with me and Big Daddy with me by Dick Richards.

Thank you Peg for such a wonderful time. I look forward to my next appearance of your show August 28 with my dear friends Dixie Richardson, Brittany Fairchild and New York City's DJ Tennessee.

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