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Congratulations to
the Winner of
the NEXTEL cup -
Tony Stewart

Congratulations to
the Winner of
the Homestead 400 -
Greg Biffle

Next Race: Daytona 500,
Sunday February 19, 2006 @ 1:00 pm on NBC

How The DeVine 91/2 did at Homestead

  • Mark Martin (finished 2, started 5)
  • Carl Edwards (4, 1)
  • Casey Mears (5, 6)
  • Dave Blaney (6, 11)
  • Ryan Newman (7, 2)
  • Jeff Gordon (9, 12)
  • Kasey Kahne (16, 3)
  • Jamie McMurray (18, 8)
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. (19, 40)
  • Elliott Sadler (23, 23)
  • Michael Waltrip (29, 41)
  • Brian Vickers (43, 18)
  • 2005 NEXTEL Cup Standings
    for The DeVine 91/2

  • # 3. Carl Edwards - 35 behind leader
  • # 4. Mark Martin - 105
  • # 6. Ryan Newman - 174
  • # 11. Jeff Gordon
  • # 12. Jamie McMurray - 44 behind 11th
  • # 13. Elliott Sadler - 90
  • # 17. Brian Vickers - 327
  • # 19. Dale Earnhardt Jr. - 394
  • # 22. Casey Mears - 537
  • # 23. Kasey Kahne - 563
  • # 25. Michael Waltrip - 722
  • # 26. Dave Blaney - 883
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    exciting to the very last second . . . details follow

    I had such a good time during my interview with Brandon Mudd and Tony Hubert on 590 The Fan in St. Louis. Below are links to the KFNS website and an mp3 of my interview as broadcast on the radio.

    Click Here For the KFNS website

    Click Here to Listen to My Interview

    Betty Jack's Book Review: SUNDAY MONEY

    When real track junkies hear the premise of Jeff MacGregor's "Sunday Money" -- set out with your partner in a motorhome to witness, in person, a whole season of Cup racing -- they go, "dude, I'm there!" For the fan, it's an irresistible idea. For Jeff and his wife -- the photographer Olya Evanitsky, who took the book's magnificent photos -- it was a chance to plunge headlong into the culture of NASCAR speedways and to ponder, in the Cup season that followed the nightmare of 9/11, some Big Picture questions about our national life.

    Throughout the book's 48,000 miles on the road, Jeff dazzles us with tales of NASCAR, then and now. He's not afraid to be grand, boldly giving the history of NASCAR with Bill France cast as Moses, descending from the peaks of Mt. Sinai (the penthouse lounge at the Streamline Hotel) bearing the tablets (scribbled-on cocktail napkins) inscribed with the laws for a new way. Jeff's descriptions of the stuff he does along the way are compelling: We're right there with him learning to drive the motorhome (scary all the time, you never get used to it), then a Cup-style racecar (you crush your nuts climbing in, it's real scary at first, then a total blast). After his turn behind the Be Petty car's wheel, Olya kept insisting that Jeff "slow down" and "stop yelling."

    Jeff includes in-depth profiles of Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart, and his insights are enjoyable. But where he really shines is in capturing the experience of being at the speedway; the way it makes you feel. Indeed, this, not the races -- the track action at some Sunday events rates a scant paragraph -- is the purpose of the book.

    As anyone who's ever been to even one race knows, speedways are the ne plus ultra venue for people watching. Look around in an afternoon, and you can expect to see not only the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but also the Ugly's stumbling uncle, the Bad's adorable horndog college freshman nephew, and the Good's angelic, silver-haired daddy, joyfully feeding passers-by. In describing these people, Jeff soars. We meet a lonely, faded beauty trolling the garage who struggles to regain her dignity after being nearly knocked to the ground; a pair of hopeless, racist loners for whom a weekend of track camping on a pickup's bed is a welcome respite from ruined lives of long-gone women and long-lost jobs; and, most delightfully, four generations of Mississippi men dancing and singing around their Talladega campfire as they hand out fresh boiled shrimp to strangers and luxuriate in the bubbling-over ecstasy of the glorious moment.

    A tighter editor might have pared down some bits: I could have done without the page of riffs on "a guy with hair that color might be the kind of guy who would...." And the account of the motorhome's terrible plumbing disaster might have been mercifully distilled to, "There was a terrible plumbing disaster with the motorhome, and I had to get cleaned up in the yard."

    But a little over-writing is OK if you're really onto something, and Jeff is. He fully senses the epic nature of the journey he is on -- indeed, the odyssey takes place in a motorhome he and his wife named Homer. The knowledge of history and classical context that underlie his understanding of the trip are what make his observations so keen. You've gotta love a dude who casts his gaze back to ancient Troy and shows how Homer's account of a chariot race in the Iliad anticipates all the race writing that's happened since. Sunday Money is as much fun as a booze-filled trailer in Turn 2 on a perfect weekend! Go now, and buy it!

    2006 Daytona 500 rental at Fairfield Ocean Walk. One bedrood suite, sleeps four. Check in Feb. 18, check out Feb. 21. Price $1200.
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    Hi Betty Jack.

    Just finished viewing your 'Fun Guide to Daytona Beach' page & thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I spend 5-6 months in greater Daytona each winter & based on my first hand knowledge of the area, your BD page is very well done.

    One sad thing about DB, the gay bar scene has changed considerably over the past few years. Used to enjoy the Barn Door / Hollywood complex, before it fell to the wrecking ball. Then Ray's place on Beach St. Ray's was excellent but poor Ray left us too soon and the bar closed.

    Tks for a job well done.
    Rick (from Canada)

    Click Here for's
    Fun Guide to Daytona Beach
    for Gay and Lesbian Visitors to Florida

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    Previously on
    Betty Jack's
    Track Yack

    Betty Jack's Track Yack:
    Homestead 400

    Welcome, gay NASCAR fans! Congratulations to our 2005 Cup Champion, Tony Stewart. The Cup was Tony's to lose going into Homestead, and he chose to hold on instead.

    Going into the race, we held out hope that through almighty toothy goodness and got-to-have-it, Carl Edwards would win from the pole in some combination of events that would give him the Cup. I had already determined that, should this happen, I was going to go onto my front porch and ring the old cow-bell I keep near-round for such occasions! But like a continuation of the Clinton legacy of peace and prosperity, this dream was not to be.

    Still, Carl and all our boys ran high and wide on Sunday. Many times when I marked the leaders, we had the one, the two, the three... the four, and the five! (During the off-season, I'm going out for a job commentating on a "gay wrestling fans" Web site I heard about. Its office is two towns over.)

    At Homestead, we had six guys in the top 10! Way to race, dudes! Mark Martin darn nearly had it nailed but Biffle held it at the last. In the points, we finished out the season with Carl Edwards in 3rd (though he tied in points with Biffle for 2nd, Biffle took the spot based on wins, six to four) and Jeff Gordon in 11th.

    That means Jeff will get to be on the stage at the Waldorf and will get the million-dollar bonus. What does Jeff need with a million dollars? Why I still say he's going to build a tiny town and populate it entirely with those adorable pooches from Erwin Pearl! Jamie McMurray finished 44 points in back of Jeff. Good race Jamie -- wait 'til next year!

    The colors were presented Sunday by a group of our military folks just back from Iraq. I wish ALL of them that are there were back. Does Bush have to get "CRAZY" tattooed across his forehead before his last few supporters get a clue about what is going on here? Miss Florida USA Cristin Duren brought the invocation. Creed's Scott Stapp, the latest vocal talent to turn to NASCAR for a control-alt-delete, sang the National Anthem in a most growling, unpleasant manner. The start was commanded by Edsel Ford of the Ford Motor Co.

    Handsome, wonderful Carl Edwards sat on the pole as we rolled off. The #22 of Scott Wimmer got loose and spun to bring out the first caution. (Scott would overcome this to finish 11th today -- not bad for a guy who just lost his ride.) But all eyes were on Jimmy Johnson, 2nd in the points, who had to swerve like a sonuvagun to miss the #22.

    Brian "Wreck Monkey" Vickers and Denny Hamlin were not as lucky and got a taste. We restarted with Ryan in 1st and Carl in 2nd. Directly, here came Dave Blaney passing Carl! But just as Dave was passing Ryan for the lead, the caution came out when Kyle Busch had a flat right front and hit the wall. Tony Stewart stayed clean and clear of it.

    When we restarted at lap 29, it was Ryan, Dave, Carl, Jeff and Kasey, oh yeah! At lap 43, Jeff was leading when Bobby Labonte got loose by himself and spun to bring out the caution. Carl took the lead back and was five seconds out in front by lap 73!

    At this point, my pal Andy was telling me that the deer are so plentiful down at Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Ga., that the next big thing is figuring out what flowers and greenery they don't want to eat, then planting that! It's called deer-proof landscaping. People will find a way to make money off of anything!

    The next caution came when David Stremme blew a right front and went ass-first into the wall; then Scott Riggs crashed. At lap 127, Jimmy Johnson's Cup hopes popped along with his right-rear tire. On the restart at lap 131, we our DeVine 9 1/2 OWNED the first-class section, as we rolled with Carl, Ryan, Jeff, Mark and Casey Mears! Tony was falling back like a loser; then the caution came out for debris. Ever wonder if there's a debris button they mash at times like this?

    When we restarted at lap 193, it was all, like, Casey, Ryan, Carl, Jeff, Mark and Kasey up front! Woo-hoo! But Jeff forgot he's supposed to play pretty with the other 91/2 boys, and he mashed up on Ryan and gave him a tire rub. Bad Jeff! Bad!

    With 45 to go we were in the fuel window to make it to the end, and Kasey got green flag pit stops underway. Casey got on the grass and nearly spun out coming down pit road. Mark stayed out and led, then came in, followed by Carl.

    By the time we got down to 18 to go, Tony was the last car on the lead lap. Since Jimmy fell out, however, Tony's mathematical grip on the Championship was greatly increased. We had a caution with 16 to go: The #20 stayed out while the #99 gave up 3rd to come in, falling to 12th. We had a restart with 11 to go: The leaders were Dave, Mark, Casey and Biffle, while Ryan was 7th. Biffle took the lead with seven to go, and try as he might, Mark could not pass him.


    Nine months of NASCAR! Can you believe that's how long we've been on the track together this year, y'all and us? I wonder has anybody ever tried to conceive a baby watching the Daytona 500 and then drop the chap long about Homestead? I wonder if there are families in the country where all the children have speedway names, and when daddy calls them in to supper he hollers: "Darlington! Talladaega! Daytona! Fontana! Bristol! Time for supp"D3€º¼­E3’Ü›62ºíÛ˚C‚ºš 2B5"c#‘¹Û»(U3‚Ü›6˜ T3€ sʬ É̼‰1C3¸¿¬ ! Ïšˆˆ˜™6˜ T3€ cê« Éͬ‰!$#ÀÌ»‰#°ï™ˆˆ˜‰Î´8ËX6C54ˆ!% «© c’뼚P# ¬(W$ж(‚ºX'€CD3‰15¨«ª D‚ì˚@$¨«8gC'=鼉!€©‰BT˜¼ 2$Ý̛!¹­""D)>Ù¼ !#€©ŠC d#¨Ì 2#¡Þ½ª!¹½""5ý¶ˆ14¨ º$‰Áÿ04‘‰B6ª0ƒÞœ‰!#˜Ü´‰16¨É 3‰°ÿ¿0%ŠBD‚©0ƒÞ« ! ë½ª07 ª ª $øÝ»š¨« ë U"2$ º@4½›07 ª˜« $øÝ»š(!¨« ëU"B ªHD¶ƒ©‹S5ë¼«RF$˜ºË« "$°¿‹"4EC˜˜ 9© 26‚Ì̪BF$ ºÛš !3¸ÏŠ!CDC˜˜!9˜™"àά Bºœˆ€"€ e$‘Ûš@DÚ«2Ú#9˜™"àά Bʚˆ " e$‘Ûš@DÚ«2êü:œ™«XU#™Êˊ23‘¼‰ f$!¸œ°¼Ë»¬ý<ª©º@W"¨º¼‹B3ÊŠ!u$¸«(¸®«¼«ù²©št4ÊœQ5 »ª¸Í"°Êˆêªbɜ0D#3û±©›u$Ê›a5ËŠ™½ #¨»‰ܜRʬ!6"#$9¸ßª2¸¬ˆ15C#˜86‘¼‰˜Þ¬‰ ©H7º¾ %¹ÀΛ2#¸‰1DB(5‘ËŠ ý«Š‚ªh5‚Ểè¾Sš‰‚ÝœˆÊ¼Ì«t7¸Ì«‰ Ëë?C"˜ª‰‚Þ«ˆ€¼½Ì«uE¨¼¬‰˜ËÙ:Š!3R5™PT˜»¾› !¨«@E¨ªHW$™‰2Ú;‰!2BE‰@T˜»¾«!¸ª@E¨ªHW$™‰2.·‚ê«©Ê E‚ɪۼ‰15BØÍ»‰C" š AFˆ(0·Û¬©º UºËÛ¬Š15BØÍ» C" š AFˆ(9U3Û˚ €š4‚©ª™IG#ˆ3à­@$ɽŠ059U3Û˚ ‘š4‚©¹™IW3à¬@$É̚14¼ú¬ 1""C"¹¾º½‰¼¬E%!$°¼»Í« ;û¼Š23!4#É̺¼Š  ¼­(T$14¸½º½¬ ç8© HG€»›QE3©R©¬ˆÚ¬H&˜Û¼@E"è9¹‰0WËŠ@5$©B¨«ˆÛ­07ˆë¬0F9A˜¬šªš€‰ªÏ¬Š 42èÌ»«ÝªA4:˜»›ºš€™ºï»™!43 é½¼›€Ü«€BDå³©9W¨‰‰1DC#¸ßš04"€™¹Ì d4€ª«ºš!ç5¨9V™™ˆ1DC#À¿›15"€‰ª½ t4"‘º»»›01˜ ™ú¿Šd3#’켪™!"Ú½4¹ËF3‘ëš2˜ ˜û¾ d$"Ü¼ª™!"Ú½4¹Ë)U3‘ëšõ»1˜»½šTEÊš33#C4’Þ«!š(#ɼr%÷»1˜»½ªTEÊš3$!24’Þ«!š(#ɝq$€9C˜Î¼ª‰°íº©šºg3ª‰!cٜ)" ¹C í»«‰ ¨Ï« !™«¹w3©‰!SÙ¬#ö414Î‹a4˜!ËË» R#È܋A516‘ͺªø3"%‘¾œR%ˆ¡Ê»¬ B$©¾Œ@5#37‘Ü«›» €ªÜœ8# ¼‹b$ˆ¨ëšb$˜š©«*E¸š@# » !ˆ¹Üœ # ¼‹r#˜¨Üšb$ š©«*E¸š1$/È®0¹©þ« 2ëš2F1'‚™¡ÎŠ2°ª‚¯É®0¹©þ« 2ëšA5ˆB6™ ¡¿‹B#¨¬(‚³Ü›15"‘Ú«Ø®!Ê¼ˆ™rD3¹­84ùÏ4܋142€ÛœÈ®!Ù»‰ ‰rE2¹¼05úÎñÉ!© D‚Šs쭊B#‘Û«"™(U2ôŠ!¸ D#!!Štý¼ A$€Ë«"™(64¸É›(‰¨¼º™¸ÝœŠ""ê¬ Q6Ù½œ(2©¬ B¸Ê›ˆ¨¼«©¨ÎœŠ""ê¬ aDÊÍ« 3¹¬ Rë4DšŠCF3¸ß«(3©¼!S4ˆc$##¸ÏŠ!í5c©‰3G#¸Ï»(C¨ËB4ˆs#3¨ÎŠ!¶‘Ú½4‘› ‘Ï C"€Û̜ !1$ ¼‹bD‚¹¬426‘Ú½4‘› ¡Ï‰C‘Û̜ !1$ ¼‹bDʺS"¹È΋! Ì‰€˜aF˜" Ì­2ƒº 2‘)G»"¹ÏŠ! ¼  ™q7˜" Í¬B‚ª‹3‘9G 7À½‹B5#ÈÍ» 3ƒÊ B#BD‘ʬ D3"¸Íª‰ˆ€™¶°ÏŠ1E¸Í» Cº 24B4’ëËS3°¾›™ˆ™òµš ‚šrDDÉމB4ª8% 3‘ά(U#Ûõ4ª›s56ØΊS$ª %(3ìœ(T3Ì*À¬Šû¬2#¸¾‹ 24뻉€©¼1%Üª,À¬Š€Ü¬ 33Ƚ‹ 2D뻉€©Ì›A4¡Í«(Ô¸C#"3‚û­ˆR&»šB%©‹rEº¼»‰15¹¼×·R2"2‚ú­R5‘ÊŠ1¨šr5ɼ«‰1D¸¬ý9 A4º¬št3Ë«‰Ù®4©š˜ RD4뫛(ÿ;‰1%‚¹Ë™dC€º»‰ê½)D™Š‰Bc4Û»›(ÿµTÊŠT¹¼ªD&ªÌ˚8U#ÊšA%©Š˜´E‚Û c¹¼ªT4ºÍ˚8U#ÊšQCª™ 6™0&°Îª‰˜É«a$ Ûš D˜¬»»Šb4‚Ê6™@4¸¿»‰‰Ú«a$ Ûš D Ë»» b4#Êý¯‚Š6dS¨¾ªªB$˜Ûª@E˜ˆ™Ì 1CÉ̚ÿ¯‚Š6ED¨½«ª C4˜¼¬@6˜ˆ©½ 1%¹Îš÷·¹+FÈ̚Q‰0$ªËŠ ˆˆ˜éÎC#2éø¸¹F¸Í‹Q‰0$ºÊŠ ˆˆ˜ÚÏ 4#2Ú ¸«ªû«3C ßªAD2É«"ȼ‰˜Ú¬6¬©ûª23 Ï›173Ùª!Ȭ ˜Ê¼"þ,d$©»¨­¹½)E#ˆºËˆš@g‰Q5 Î» "3«d%€™«ˆ˜¼¹¾)5$ˆª¬ˆ™Hg‰Q%Ý« !#µ˜š VE#¸¾Šˆ©ˆê¬ ú­(U3ª‰ 6™™!UU"°¾‰€€©ˆÚ­ #ü¬(F$©‰µÙ̚#û¼‰ T# Ë«1’Ü«06é̚16#ɷɽš!#ì¬Š E# Ûª "Ì«0FÊܚAS"©=ː۫ 6Ê›B¸¬ 63ºŠsÉ»(D¨ÛÌ ¼¼ë›8D‚Ê›Q#Ȭ 6$€¹‰SÚ«(4¨ËÜü¾«AD"ª™ªÛ»‰S3€‰©Ï t%‚Ù«!©š!þ¿«2Eª™ªÛ» C%€˜¨Ý t$Ú»1¹Š03!Àϊ16€ì» S‘ì›@4˜Ú¼ !D2€Ûª²!Ðω €15€Ý¬C‘ì›@4ˆÛ¼ !D2€Û›õ»!€ÊÌT¨Ëª0V4ê»Cºš‰! ÍŠC‚Ë÷»!€ÊÌ E¨Ëª0V4Ú¼3‚º«‰14¨¿‹D»ö¹)D"€º¬ c©¬b5º¬š!4$2 Î«‰˜Ë86÷¸(D#º¬s¹«r5ºËŠ D2"#¨Î«‰ Ë86:Û»! Fܬ ˆ™ª