RuPaul's underground classics "Sex Freak" and "Ping Ting Ting" are now available on CD!

2 RuPaul Records on 1 CD
At 1 Fun Price!
Ping Ting Ting
RuPaul Sex Freak LP
Sex Freak Track List

RuPaul, in his own words and pictures, tells the Sex Freak Story

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Ping Ting Ting

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Order RuPaul Sex Freak on CD with bonus track "Ping Ting Ting" for $11.98 (this includes free shipping worldwide). Click on the Paypal logo below to order.

Sex Freak on CD
Order the original vinyl records RuPaul Sex Freak plus the 12" single "Ping Ting Ting" b/w "The Playboy" by La Palace de Beaute for $17.98 (includes free shipping worldwide. To order Click on the Paypal logo below.

the orginal vinyl records

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