In February of 2001, Steve Lafreniere presented an exhibition of Nelson Sullivan's videos at the Gavin Brown's enterprise art gallery in New York City.

For the exhibition, Steve presented 5 hours of Nelson's videos - a different hour each day over a 5 day period.

To do so, Steve viewed hundred of hours of Nelson's videos and assembled from them an amazing assortment of images revealing a remarkable portrait of Downtown New York in the 1980's.

Steve's exhibition notes are below.


Steve Lafreniere with Angie Bowie

Click here to see videos of the Party Monster's Club Kids right now on the Nelson Sullivan Channel on the Funtone USA Telelvision Network


Curated by Steve Lafreniere and Dick Richards Special thanks to Gavin Brown, John Sanchez, Ella Freidrich, Hudson, David Goldman, Lady Bunny, and Larry Tee


At the Jane-West Hotel Trade, Spicey, RuPaul Charles

Susanne Bartsch's Love Ball Julie Jewels, Keoki, Michael Musto, Steve Rubell, Lady Kier, Michael Alig, Lypsinka, Todd Eberle, Bill Cunningham, Lahoma Van Zant, Trade, Keith Haring, Leigh Bowery, Albert Crudo, Nile Rodgers, David Byrne, Paris Dupree, August Darnell, Thierry Mugler, Iman, Donna Karan, Gwen Verdon, Carolina Hererra, Naomi Campbell, Lady Bunny, RuPaul, the Connie Girl, Sister Dimension, etc.

Sister Dimension Dean Johnson, Vera, Sister Dimension

Celebrity Club's Funtone USA party Lahoma, Michael Alig, Ffloyd, Michael Musto, Larry Tee, Olympia, Deee-Lite, Palace de Beaute, the Singing Peek Sisters

Flaunt It TV taping Tish and Snooky, Nazomi, Eddie, Quentin Crisp, the Parrot Man

Christina at the Chelsea Christina, Michael Tron


The Now Explosion at the New Music Seminar Eloise "Champagne' Montague-Meliencamp, Lahoma, Fireball, RuPaul, Albert Crudo, Larry Tee, Stephen Stubbs, Grandmaster Caz, MTV!

"Downtown" taping John Sex, Karen Finley, Rudolph, Tama Janowftz, Anita Sarko, Curtis Sliwa, Julie Jewels, James St. James, Michael Musto, Michael Alig, Lahoma, Albert Crudo, RuPaul, Larry Tee, Frieda, James St. James, Susanne Bartsch, etc.

Nelson walks Blackout

Lady Hennessey @ Copa Olympia, Tabboo!, George Wayne, Susanne Bartsch, Leigh Bowery, Lady Hennessey

A few moments with Alexis Del Lago Katy, Mr. Demille, Alexis Del Lago

The Love Machine I Trade, Albert Crudo, Michael Musto (on speaker phone)

Outlaw party on the Williamsburg Bridge Sylvia Miles, Brant Mewborn, a cast of hundreds


Andy @ Fiorucci Andy Warhol, Billy Boy, Eric Conrad, Joey Arias "Hairspray" party Lahoma, Robert, Ffloyd, Lurleen Wallis, RuPaul, the hustlers of 42nd Street Pizza A-Go-Go The Must, Street the Beat

Gay Day Lahoma, Lahoma, Lahoma

A trip to Woodstock Sylvia Miles, Rhonda & Brant Mewborn

The Love Machine II Trade, Albert Crudo, Michael Alig

Halloween outlaw party, abandoned subway tunnel Another cast of hundreds

Dressing room montage A further cast of hundreds

The Now Explosion The Now Explosion Nelson's birthday Liz, Michael Musto, Mr. and Mrs. Musto


Scenes from the first four Wigstocks Lady Bunny, Tangela Deville, Lypsinka, John Kelly, Frieda, The Love Delegation, Jelly Joplin,Samoa, Sister Dimension, Billy Beyond, Bobby-Jo, Clark Render, Alexis Del Lago, Das FCirlines, Mr. Fashion, The People Tree, The Connie Girl, Perfidia, Deee-Lfte, Chicklet, Dean and the Weenies

A visit to Coney Island Molli, RuPaul, Rosser Shymanski, Larry Tee, Trade, Jon Witherspoon


Leigh Bowery's birthday party Leigh Bowery, Tom Rubnitz, Loretta Hogg, the Pop Tarts, Sister Dimension, Eric Conrad, Lisa E, Ffloyd, Lady Bunny

Keith Haring opening John Sex, Keith Haring

At home with Christina Christina Ethyl Eichelberger, Jayne County

"A Couple of White Ninja Vixens Sitting Around Talking" Albert, Michael

"Fowl Ball" Ethyl Eichelberger

Shazork! live Bunny, Sister Dimension, Dimitri Nelson's last tape Blackout, Bill The tapes are of varying quality, picture- and sound-wise. Feel free to adjust the volume.

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