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Nelson Sullivan with Blackout on the West Side piers

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this picture is really greatphoto by Paula Gately Tillman

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this really really really really really great picture is a photograph by Paula Gately Tillman

Nelson's best friend and inspiration was the fabulous actress Sylvia Miles. This is the poem he wrote for her.

For Sylvia, a million kisses.
Few are hits: most are misses.
What chance has a superstar
To hear the far-off praises?
She glides in starlight radiance,
A nebula of gravity
Dazzling! points of light condensed
To diamond clarity.
She sparkles in the universe
Aglow with life and wit and mirth
Her levity's alarming! In short
She's simply charming. She conquers
Where the strong are wont
Merely to survive.

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