These photographs from the DeAundra Peek and Diamond Lil concert at the Metro were taken by acclaimed photographer Paula Gately Tillman. Paula recently moved to Baltimore, Maryland, and she was only in Atlanta for a brief happening. I loaned her my camera to use and these exquisite images from this one-time event are the result.

Here are DeAundra Peek and Diamond Lil with Paula's husband Joe Roman. When Joe was a music reviewer for the Atlanta Gazette, he gave Diamond Lil's album the first review it ever got and Diamond Lil appreciates that to this very day.

Thank you so much Paula for providing me with such intimate photographs from DeAundra and Diamond's Concert. Best wishes to you and Joe in Baltimore. Come back to see us soon.

Betty Jack Devine

Watch Diamond Lil perform Silver Grill in this exciting video currently showing on The Funtone USA Television Network.

Click Here To See Diamond Lil live at The Metro

Paula Gately Tillman "Self Portrait in Salzburg"

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