For those of you for whom a focus group is an unfamiliar event, here is an explanation. It is a method for ascertaining audience opinion by questioning a small sample of the particular audience for whom the topic is of interest. You have expressed a remarkable interest in Crash Hotman by coming to this focus group and are therefore warmly invited to participate. Before beginning your focus group, however, a brief overview of a previous focus group will be presented in order to familiarize you with the process.
Over the past few weeks the presenters of The American Music Show, Atlanta's longest running and most perplexing public access television program, have been conducting on-the-air focus groups whose purposes were the development of content and appearance for the Crash Hotman nervecenter Hub and it's associated websites. These photographs illustrate a realtime focus group - complete with internationally-know celebrity Ryanne Cannon, step-sister of Hollywood star Dyan Cannon, as Crash's core audience includes many famous names and faces easily recognized.

Now will you please thoughtfully respond as Big Boy asks you a few brief questions. And thank you in advance for helping make the Crash Hotman Hub and exciting part of The New Universe of Crash Hotman.

My name is Big Boy and I would like you to please answer these 3 questions for me. Mash on each answer with your mouse pointer for more choices. Then mash on the submit button with your mouse pointer to send your choices to me. Thank you, I am Big Boy, your focus group leader for today..

What most do you want to have on a Crash Hotman website?

Would you visit the Crash Hotman Hub more often if it had a guarantee?

If visiting the Crash Hotman websites could earn you cents off coupons, which coupon would most interest you?

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Don't forget: The Crash Hotman Hub Officially opens March 23, 2000!