ARGE is living large where the sun meets the fun in Venice Florida. The condo association has even renamed the condo complex where he resides because ARGE has become such a giant figure on it's landscape.

ARGE at the site of the tribute

The landscape brighten considerably with the arrival of Todd and Sox from The ATL. Ostensibly, they were in the area to visit kinfolk in St. Pete but I really think they wanted to confirm ARGE's braggings about about the beauty of Venice beach.

Or did they just really want to check out the dicks at Dick's Shoes.
Those hotties are so known to get wild.

ARGE's pup Rosebud recently had a terrfying experience and I'm glad we didn't hear about it until everything was all right. With the temperatures plunging to below 60 degrees, ARGE wouldn't turn up the heat and poor Rosebud had seek shelter in that flimsy cloth tent with only a terrifying stuffed starfish for warmth. ARGE says Rosebud has fully recovered, but we must all hope something like that NEVER happens to our precious Rosebud again.

Happily, ARGE has made many friend in Venice and has joined the Troll Music Sound Team. Congratulations ARGE, we love you so much and I am sure the other Troll Sound Team members feel exactly the same.
Come visit us often.
Betty jack

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