It is so exciting for us whenever our dear friend Angie Bowie visits our sleepy southern town.
This time Angie came to Atlanta for a special appearance on Peg's TV show - Mouth of the South Live

Angie was delighted that one of her favorite stars, the legendary rock performer Diamond Lil was also Peg's special guest

there were so many fun people there
like Peg's vivacious co-hostess Trina Saxxon
you sexy bitches!

the human firecracker - Linda Paris
oh you sexy bitches

Mona Love, y'all know ARGE, and Atlanta nightlife's shadowy figure Zteven all got off really good with Angie

There's Angie with Big Daddy and Todbot - but what is Big Daddy grinning so much about?

Oh my goodness big Daddy! Now just stop that finger action on Angie's butt. Not in public or even the Metro! Save that for later, darling.

Looks like Angie had a ball during her visit to Altanta and Angie darling we definitely have a ball every time you come to visit us. Come back just as soon as you can!


Betty Jack Devine

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